Experts allege cronyism played part in honor of agreements well worth millions by German protection ministry.

BERLIN — Ursula von der Leyen is preparing a brand new job as European Commission chief in Brussels, nevertheless the German protection minister continues to have concerns to respond to back.

An investigative committee of this German parliament — the most challenging tool that lawmakers may use to probe federal federal government misdeeds — is searching into just just exactly how profitable agreements from her ministry were granted to outside experts without the right oversight, and whether a system of casual individual connections facilitated those discounts.

Therefore the lawmakers considering the situation state von der Leyen will still need to face their concerns even though this woman is verified as Commission president in a vote into the European Parliament on Tuesday.

“Whatever job Ms. von der Leyen has into the future won’t modification by any means the fact that the committee will subpoena and concern her,” said Tobias Lindner, a part of parliament together with safety policy representative when it comes to Greens opposition celebration.

“What occurred into the past into the protection ministry under her leadership happened — and we’ll reach the bottom of that.”

The auditors’ primary critique wasn’t that the ministry covered outside expertise. Instead, it had been in regards to the real means agreements were granted.

Von der Leyen and her ministry declined demands for interviews because of this tale. Final November, she told the parliament that is german have been “mistakes” in exactly just how outside professionals had been employed and said “this never ever need occurred.” But she defended making use of such specialists, saying that they had been expected to undertake an overhaul that is huge of ministry.

Von der Leyen blamed the nagging issues on a combination of negligence, corner-cutting and mistakes by people overwhelmed by their work. But other people have actually submit a less innocent description — that some specialists had privileged use of ministry officials that assisted them circumvent rules and win contracts well worth scores of euros.

Though there is not any suggestion that von der Leyen herself had been element of this community, the increased utilization of outside professionals happens to be a hallmark of her tenure as protection minister.

Interviews with users of the investigative committee, witness testimony and papers acquired by POLITICO all recommend outside experts are in a position to gain growing impact in the internal workings for the protection ministry during the five . 5 years that von der Leyen has been doing fee.

Whenever von der Leyen faces the committee, she will probably additionally face questions regarding an inside inquiry by her ministry in to the event | Odd Andersen/AFP via Getty Images

“right from the start it had been Ms. von der Leyen’s desire and governmental intention that external experts would gain impact,” said Matthias Höhn, an associate of parliament therefore the representative on protection policy for the left-wing Die Linke celebration.

Whenever von der Leyen faces the committee, she will probably additionally face questions regarding an inquiry that is internal her ministry to the event. A member of parliament for the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) in that investigation, “central questions weren’t asked, suspicions weren’t followed up,” said Dennis Rohde.

“All of the, me, was a crude attempt to distract from misconduct and cover up for people among the leadership,” Rohde added if you ask.

Critique regarding the ministry on the scandal has come from numerous opposition events while the SPD, the partner that is junior Germany’s coalition government. People in von der Leyen’s conservative camp have actually supported her while the ministry but also many of them have now been not as much as full-throated within their protection.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s become referred to as Berateraffäre (consultant scandal):