Biochemistry and hematology – Turbidimetry

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FOB - Turbidimetric Assay (including FOB vials)7115001
Calprotectin - Turbidimetric Assay (including CALP vials)7115002
H.pylori - Turbidimetric Assay (including H.P. vials)7115003
Transferrin - Turbidimetric Assay (including TFR vials)7115004
Pancreatic Elastase -Turbidimetric Assay (including PELA vials)7115005
FOB vials (separately)7115001-100V
CALP vials (separately)7115002-100V
H.P. vials (separately)7115003-100V
TFR vials (separately)7115004-100V
P.ELA vials (separately)7115005-100V